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Internet is becoming an important source of booking for hotels. Most hotels see a growing percentage of bookings from their own website and from online travel agencies such as, Cleartrip, MMT, Yatra, etc. Are you getting your share of the bookings from these sites? Do you think your competitors could be getting more than you do? How can you get more bookings?

Upto 60% of your bookings could be from online sources

Internet will continue to play an increasingly bigger role towards your hotel's sales. This means higher booking volume from internet sources in future - some hotels will get between 60-80% of their bookings from online sources. There are many ways to increase your bookings - both from existing customer base (organically) and by getting new customers. As a hotelier, you must meet customer expectations, i.e. comfortable accommodation and good value. While basic needs such as hot shower, clean rooms, good breakfast and WI-FI have to be met at all cost to keep your existing customers, there are things hotels need to do to get new customers. Sales team focuses on growing your customer base. As a part of your sales effort, hotels need to ensure that they get a fair share of the internet bookings. How do you get more bookings? How do make yourself visible to everyone looking for a hotel in your city? How to standout from the rest of the hotels?

Growing your positive reviews could get you more booking

There are a handful of things that determines your online booking volume, i.e. bookings that you receive on your own website or from online travel agencies. One of the key factors that helps travelers choose a hotel for their next stay is the hotel's online reputation. Online reputation is the sum total of all positive and negative reviews about your hotel across the web. Higher number of reviews means better online reputation. Your online reputation is also determined by the number of websites you are listed on. Higher online reputation increases your chances of getting selected by potential customers. For example, a good rank on TripAdvisor strengthens your online reputation and increases your chances of customers visiting your website to find more details. More than 260 million unique travelers visit TripAdvisor every month to select a hotel for their next trip (TripAdvisor Fact Sheet). Hotels with better and more reviews on TripAdvisor have higher chances of getting noticed. The better your hotels looks in comparison to your competitors, the more visitors you will receive on your own website which will lead to higher bookings. Similar reputation on online travel sites such as and will also leads to more bookings.

TrackNGrow helps businesses grow their online booking volume by enabling hotels to taking control of their online reputation. It helps hotels understand their presence across various hotel review and booking sites. It recommends various actions for hotel management that could help you increase your positive presence. Various features makes it easy and less time consuming to manage your reviews. It also helps you monitor your reputation score and see it improve over a period of time. Adding your hotel and a few competitors to monitor usually takes less than 5 minutes. (Signup for a 30 day Free Trial)

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Online reviews are your customer feedbacks on the internet about your hotel. More positive reviews tend to imply strong online reputation while fewer reviews and higher number of negative reviews imply a weak reputation on the internet. Reviews affect your overall online booking volume while new negative reviews affect your immediate short term volume. Find out 10 reason why monitoring online reviews will help you grow your online bookings.

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